Sweater Season

Hi guys. That was an unintentional, um, two week hiatus. I've been busy with the home I'm building (mostly busy waiting for something to happen after someone broke in and stole all the copper wiring, which is pretty obnoxious), with work, with cleaning my house, with freelance writing. (More on that later.) I thought I'd get back into blogging by talking about something very close to my heart.


Let's talk about them because, who doesn't like sweaters, right? 

Or not. Because you guys probably know by now that I love (love) sweaters and you're probably a bit tired of hearing about it. I hate tee shirts -- I hate how they seem to cling to the most unflattering part of most humans (tummies, bra bulge). And I almost always put a cardigan on over sleeveless dresses and tank tops. Sweaters are pretty much the perfect top, always. They're cuddly. They cover your arms and your tummy and any other bulges you might have. Perfect, right?  

This is just a selection of some of the sweaters I'm wanting for my birthday this year. I have grand plans to expand my sweater collection to include cropped varieties I can wear over dresses (because normal sweaters are too long and look weird). Mostly though, I want enough sweaters to carry me through the winter without getting bored. I actually made a serious effort to avoid polka dots last year, but I'm getting kind of tired of that, so we're little the dots out of the bag this year.

What clothing item are you coveting for Fall? 

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