e.l.f. Disney Villains 12-piece Polish Set

The bad news: I have a really bad cold and/or the flu. The good news: I treated myself to this $9.99 nail polish set I've been eyeing at Wal-Greens. 

I saw it about a week ago and thought it seemed like such a great deal. I decided to wait though... and when I saw it today, I just couldn't stop myself! Danny and I had ran to Target in Eugene for a new humidifier (mine broke last night after almost 7 years of use!!) and then at the DMV to renew my license. We stopped at Walgreens to pick up a few cold-related things and I spotted these nail polishes again. What the heck, I told myself, let's do this.

You guys... the colors are sooooo good. I'm ridiculously impressed. I was going to swatch them, but I just put a new color (that Danny got me as an early birthday present) on -- OPI's Russian Navy which is goooorgeous -- and I am not ready to take it off yet. I'll swatch them and post them later though. For now, let's look at all the pretty colors!

First up -- Cruella de Vil. These colors suit her perfectly: a bit cold, but chic. Smoky brown is a gray-light brown color. Smokin' Hot is a very traditional red cream polish. Nude is probably my favorite of this set -- it's a gorgeous pinky-beige flesh tone. 

The Ursula set is probably my favorite!! Coral Dream is a gorgeous light pinky coral; I find other corals leans too much towards orange, but this one is just the perfect amount of pink! Mint Cream is a gorgeous creamy mint blue color; it's absolutely nothing like Essie's Mint Candy Apple, as it's darker and a bit more teal than green. Sea Escape is an inky blue with blue metallic glitter; it's actually very beautiful and sophisticated and definitely reminds me of the deep sea!

I know I just said the Ursula set was my favorite... but the Evil Queen set is a close second, possibly tied! This one is so perfect for the holidays! Cranberry is a gorgeous dark, almost burnt red color that would be absolutely gorgeous for Thanksgiving. It's not burgundy though -- it's not purple-y at all!! Pot of Gold is a perfect gold color -- I actually think it would look really pretty paired with Nude from the Cruella de Vil set! Thunderstorm reminds me a lot of Essie's Chinchilly, except it's darker and a bit less thick. It's dark and beautiful though and very stormy looking -- lovely!

To be honest, the Maleficent set is the one I'm more eh about. The colors don't remind me of Maleficent at all! I think they're too cutesy and girly. Bubblegum Pink is a pink cream color that does, indeed, look exactly like bubblegum. I would have loved it as a 6-year-old, I'm sure!! Mod Mauve is quite pretty: it's a dark mauve-pink that would look beautiful in the spring with cute dresses. Gina Girl is the only glitter in the collection and while I love glitter polishes, this one turns me off quite a bit; it's not in a clear base! The base is a dark green-gray sheer color with large and micro glitters in purple, pink, and gold. It has the opportunity to be quite pretty, but if you put it on top of anything, it's going to give it a nasty gray-green cast... not cute!

All in all, I'm really happy with this set and very excited to play with the colors. I'll try to swatch all of these colors over the next few days to share!

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