La Da Da Da Di

Sweater, Forever 21. Skirt, Forever 21. Tights, Target. Wedges, Target. 

I'm back! With current outfit photos! Aren't I fancy? I took these photos Sunday, after sleeping in till 9 (which is unlike me in every sense of that phrase), going for a run, and taking a shower. Then I cleaned the house, did laundry, made dinner... you know, Sunday stuff. The weather was gorgeous over the weekend: no rain, but lots of sun and not too cold. When I went running in the morning, I wore a tee shirt and a beanie; I had to carry the beanie by the end! 

This is the skirt I wrote about Monday, if you recall. It's about knee length standing still and very comfy and stretchy. It's the perfect comfy skirt for a casual work day. I bought this sweater the same day I bought this skirt -- I've been looking for a comfy black sweater for ages. All the black sweaters I own are quite form fitting and it's nice to have one that's a big more loose for layering over button ups and collars! 

Also, did you know it's Friday!? Well, it is. Danny and I are preparing for a visit from his parents, plus we are participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's this weekend, which will be really fun. Everyone from my work will be there, so I'm very excited for them to meet Danny... and Remus, as we're taking him to participate as well! 

It's not much longer until  my birthday, which I'm very excited about. I've been planning a little trip to Portland with Danny for about two months. I even booked a fancy hotel on my own for the first time ever!! I'm taking the Friday before my birthday off work so I can go to the dentist, pack for the trip, and renew my driver's license. You know you're old when you take a day off work to run errands and prep for your birthday!! It feels really weird to be turning 25 -- when I was younger, in the stories I wrote, I would always make the older, mature characters 25. It just seemed so old!! 

I'm deep into awkward sort hair grow up. I've been trimming the back up myself, but I know I need to get a real hair cut soon. The front needs thinned and shaped a bit. The secret to growing out a pixie is to keep the back as short as possible so when the front bits get chin length, you just have to do one final trim on the back and you have a bob! That way you avoid having a weird mullet for a long time. I mean, gross. Mullets. 

Sometimes I really like my hair this length and sometimes I really don't. I have to get my hair thinned on the sides and top a lot because I have a lot of very fine hair and it can look really bulky and helmuty, which isn't very flattering at all. But sometimes I get the right amount of product in there and it lies right and looks good... like in these photos! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! The week has flown by so fast and I'm so excited for the weekend! 

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