Off the Blog: What I've Been Up To

Hi guys! I have been accidentally-kind-of ignoring blogging lately. I've just been crazy busy -- I thought I'd share a few life updates. 

  • I turned 25! My birthday was Sunday and it was really exciting. It would have been better if I hadn't been sick the whole week before! I'm mostly better except for a lingering cough. My parents took Danny and I out to dinner on my birthday -- we enjoyed a nice dinner, followed by a little shopping! Danny spoiled be rotten with gifts the week leading up to the big day: he got me a ton of candles and stuff for our new house, plus nail polish, candy, make up, a gorgeous necklace, and fancy headphones for when I work out! (PS I feel really, really old.)
  • A Visit from Danny's parents. Danny's parents visited the weekend before last (before my birthday), which happened to be the weekend I got sick! They treated us to a trip to Costco (which means my cupboards are stocked again!), as well as goodies from the new Nordstrom Rack and lots of dinners out. Mostly, Danny and I both loved spending time with them -- and they love to see Remus, the grand-furbaby!
  • Our House... is still in the works! Sigh! We were supposed to be moved in by now, really, but about two months ago, someone broke in and stole the copper wiring out of the electric parts. Yikes. The past month has essentially been catch up for the month that they couldn't do anything. We finally have insulation and should have sheetrock relatively soon. After that, it's floors and finishing and then move in! (I have been slowly packing for two months now. I'm beyond ready to move!!)
  • I've been freelancing! I haven't shared this on here yet, but this seems like a good time: I have recently started freelance writing. I have long-term contracts with a few different businesses to provide copy and articles. It's been really exciting, but it's very hard to work full time and then, essentially, freelance full time! I can't write while I'm at my day job, so after working out, making dinner, and cleaning up the house, I spend 3-4 hours each night working on whatever is on my to do list. It's exhausting, but I feel like I'm getting so much accomplished and I'm proud of myself for having come this far as a writer. Who would have thought I'd actually get paid for writing someday? Ha! 

Well that's about it. Between work, freelance, being sick, and taking care of little things, I haven't had much room for much else! I'm going to try to get on top of blogging this next weekend though. Hope you all are having a fantastic day! 


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a lovely time despite being poorly! And congrats on the freelance writing :D That's amazing! I'm doing a bit at the moment at home and it seems to take up all my time when I factor in blogging too. And I also do content writing at work, so I seem to pretty much just be writing all the time haha, but I'm the same as you and can't believe I get paid to write!

  2. Happy Birthday, and well done on the freelance work! Your nails are looking gorgeous in all those pictures.

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x


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