Here are just a few common questions I get asked and their answers, of course! As always, if you ever have anything you would like to ask me, feel free to e-mail me

When did you start blogging? 

I started Locked Out in April 2009, the spring term of my sophomore year of college.

What do you need to start blogging? 

Really, all you need is a computer. You don't need a fancy camera or even a very good computer. Just something you can type on!

What kind of computer do you use for blogging, though?

Right now, I use a Mac PowerBook. It has served me well. I love Macs -- I think they are the superior computer for people who know next to nothing about computers. Their interface is simple and let's be really, they are just prettier when photographed... and I'm an aesthetic person!

What kind of camera do you use? 

I have a Canon Rebel T2i, that I love. I only use a standard lens right now. Maybe in the future I'll graduate to using different lenses, but I find that my standard lens works perfectly well. I'm getting better at using it to consistently good effects.

Where are you from? 

Western Oregon! I try my hardest to keep my specific town off my blog (you never know!), but I do most of my shopping and exploring in and around Eugene these days. I moved to Idaho for four years and it was nice, but I love Oregon more than anything. I am, however, not a fan of the Oregon Ducks.

What did you go to college for? 

Creative Writing and Interactive Media. The more I say those things, the less I know what I ever planned on using them for! I love to write though. Right now, I am working on two poetic cycles -- one about space and another about insects -- as well as a book about my grandfather.

So, you bake? 

Yep, I bake! You can read about my baking adventures over at Ellipsis Bakery from now on! In the future, I hope to make a business of selling my baked goods, but for now, that's just a dream. I mostly eat them and pawn them off on my friends and family these days!

Why'd you start blogging? 

You know, I don't know!

I started blogging in high school on Livejournal -- honestly, who didn't have a Livejournal? I was really active in the Harry Potter LJ community, making graphics and writing analysis of HP, but I eventually dropped out of the scene in late high school. I deleted my livejournal accounts and moved on. However, throughout college, I itched to find a niche again -- and I found that niche in fashion blogging. I always loved fashion and lifestyle writing -- mostly, the creativity and gentleness of it appeals to my somewhat sensitive, artistic nature. I never really thought of myself as fashionable though, even though other people told me I had good style. The more I blogged, the better I dressed, and it evolved into where I am today. I rewear a lot of the same pieces. I hope I represent a fashion blog that is a little more relatable -- I don't have a revolving closet, I can't buy something new everyday, and I don't shop online at all anymore if I can help it! I guess these days I keep blogging because I feel like that's a voice you don't hear in the fashion blogging world -- someone who appreciates fashion, but in a real way.

We aren't all self-employed and we can't all wear bandage leggings and insanely furry sweaters to work. Sometimes, we have to settle for a nice blazer and some pants, you know!

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